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Pledge of Allegiance–A Child’s Version

I wish I could take credit for this–I can’t.  I found it in a cross stitch book I once had, and it has stuck with me *all* these years.  I may have the lines off a little bit, and it HAS been *all* these years, believe me.  But those words have never left my poor, addled mind.   : )    Great writing and good Blessings,  Stubbs



The Pledge Of Ullegiance

I pledge ullegiance to the flag,

Of the New Knighted Stakes of America.

And to the Republic, four witches stand

One nation, under God.

With lemon trees and jello for all.



I Make Money Online, The Anatomy of a Scam

So easy to fall for scams and lose your shirts. I’ve not seen this one, but watch out for it!

Don Charisma

Who wouldn’t want to make money sitting at home on their computer, almost passive income ?

This I don’t believe is greed, just folks wanting to make a living for themselves and their loved ones, nothing out of the ordinary in ordinary people wanting a decent standard of living.

scam page1

I Make Money Online dot co dot uk (I don’t want to promote the guy’s site so no links), randomly appeared at the top of my Google search results, my inner entrepreneur working wonders. The “site”, erm page is a cliche marketing page which generally turns me cold, but one of the clever’ist one’s I’ve seen.


Make money online virtually no risk, £1200 per day … nice … where do I sign …


Online Casinos that haven’t thought out all the odds (don’t make me laugh!). Tells of a system for European roulette where you can win…

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Mars conquered




We started out as lovers
Now you cannot say my name.
Thought love last for a life time
I’m the one who stayed the same. 
For I will always picture
Love not to be a game.
Now you showed me something different
That trust can turn to shame.
C/o 14/08/2013/SLY

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When Chickens Cry

A gentle reminder in the fight to end the cruelty in the meat industry.


When chickens cry
I cannot eat
A single bit
Of chicken meat,
And though I’m not
A herbivore
I find that I
Eat salads more,
Avoiding ones
With chicken eggs
That lay beneath
Two little legs
As they remind
Me of the way
That they were sat
On night and day
By chickens who
Once clucked with pride,
Not knowing that
They would be fried
Or scrambled once
Eggshells were cracked,
I state this simply
As a fact.

But once you see
A chicken cry
You’ll ask yourself
The question why,
Why you can’t find
Another source
Of protein grams
For every course.
And even though
They’ll never be
Set free from farms
Or factories,
When chickens lay
So many tears,
Like eggs, they’re more
Than they appear.

Note: This is the influence of Gigi’s wonderful chicken drawings.

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Kittens on the Keys

I sit and blog

The kittens come

I wr+– tse  ….

What poets are these

These kittens mine

My kittens on the keys

####^^^………aaauu   ,

They’ve struck again

And off they’ve run

They’re hiding somewhere

With glee

k*wdhts  sdob                (a

n@@%___ ,,,;;;



I walk away

To take a break

Some sneaking I had heard

And mews, and meows

And giggling too

My kittens on the keys


Puppy Fishing

My puppy fishes in the bowl

To catch something swimming there

She dips and dips

It swims away

As if has fins and tail

She drinks again

And when I laugh

She looks at me as if to ask

What’s wrong with you

This serious task

Is mine to do

Not yours to scoff

And dips again

To catch it all

In the end not to be caught

And down the sink

It’s fate is sealed

A green tomato

Puppy chewed

Then dropped in water

To be pursued

Fresh water brought

Sad puppy eyes

A good cold drink

Then on to bigger puppy dreams