A Day In The Life of a Stubbly Troll

Big Dog, Little Dog

We’ve been busy.  The kind of busy I don’t like.  But, I can’t complain, (because no one would believe me anyway, LOL).  I have God, my loving family, just enough money to live on, roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and as much of our health as we have.  We are well and truly blessed.  However, just because I am blessed, I *don’t* have to like everything that happens.  Just so you know.

I had my brain MRI, the results I will find out Monday.  This weekend,  DD and I went away to go to my niece’s wedding, her cousin.  Sorry to be nit picky, but the way people divorce and remarry these days,  one can never be too specific about a relationship’s status.  This weekend was a disaster.  I think it was doomed to fail.  And it didn’t help that DD has stopped smoking and is still hugely cranky and mean.

We started out late.  I was fairly ready before she even woke up.  She didn’t wake up until noon.  Getting in the car was an event, and she was *not* happy.  She was Duck & Cover unhappy.  After we got on the road, we had to stop and get a bite for me to eat, so I could take my medicine.  I was going to make myself a vegetarian, Boca patty (I dress them like a hamburger, and they are delicious!)  BTW, Morning Star is owned by Monsanto–don’t buy Morning Star.  Didn’t have time, though.

She had been going to stop by her GF house, they were having a yard sale, and she had some things to give them.  That was the only way she could be sure they would be home.  The yard sale was only until 2p, and we missed the yard sale, but they were home.  They had a puppy that I fell in love with, and I said I *might* take her.  Much to my dismay, they sent my daughter a text , shortly after we left, and told her that if I didn’t take mommy, the husband was going to kill her!  So, not only am I for sure taking the puppy, but now I have to take Mommy, too.    Just bloody wonderful.

We made it to the motel too close to comfort to wedding time, only to find out that our reservation was 20 minutes away.  There was not a room with double beds in the motel.  We were going to try to make it to the other motel and back, but I went back inside and, in tears, asked the manager wasn’t there anything she could do?  She had a non-smoking king with a pull-out.  Excellent.  The process of registering, however, was excruciating.  My brother had paid with points.  I had to call the main number to change over the points.  They couldn’t do that, but there were enough points to pay for the second room.  Then I had to call the first motel and ask them to refund the points to my brother’s account.   The manager wouldn’t let me fill out any paperwork until *all* of that was done.  And 7:30 was fastly approaching.

We got in, and DD went to the wedding.  I stayed back and nursed my ill tummy.  SHE came back at 9:30.

Back to the dogs.  We picked them up.  Turns out that Cuddles *loves* to look out the window.  She *doesn’t* like to look out the window when the car is going 70 mph.  Note to self!  LOL  We finally got her to stay in the back seat and run between the two back windows, instead of trying to run between the two *front* windows.  You can see the problem there.  The puppy sat in my lap for awhile, then climbed in the back, sat miserably for awhile, and barfed.  Poor carsick baby.

The dogs are home, and DS named the puppy Little Dog, since we have a Big Dog.  Big Dog is a large predominantly black dog with white on him.  He’s cool.  He was the neighborhood stray, until DD moved home.   He’s a good dog, as long as he leaves the cats alone, and he’s smart, albeit a little stubborn.  He believes in guarding his people, that’s for sure.  The evening we had to call the police to get the pistol out of the branch (a small stream of water) in front of our house–maybe I’ll explain that someday–he had to be physically removed to the porch when the policeman was asking me my information.  He did *not* like that policeman.  LOL  He’s learning tricks, and that’s where the stubborn comes in.  He knows the tricks I want him to do, he just decides he doesn’t want to do them, no matter that I have his favorite treat.  And he’s got bones buried all over the neighborhood.  If you give him a bone, he ignores it.  Later the bone will be gone, and he will be running frantically around–looking, of course, for a place to bury his bone.  When DD and I were beginning to work on the garden, we dug up one of his bones and gave it to him.  If I remember correctly, he took it and re-buried it!  LOL

Little Dog, she is a pip.  If one could bottle her energy for an hour, one could probably supply a whole day’s electricity for an entire village!  She is very sweet, but she jumps on us, and licks us.  It is especially annoying when we are trying to love on Cuddles, give Cuddles a treat, put Cuddles on her leash, pet on Little Dog, pick something up out of the floor, bend over, and, well, I think you get the picture.  She is part Pekingese and part Chihuahua.  She is colored like her mother, but she has her daddy’s nose.  I don’t know if her fur will change, it is sooo soft now, and her mother’s is coarse, but not terribly so.  When we go on walks, Momma has to walk on a leash.  Little Dog doesn’t.  She runs and runs.  She rolls in the grass,  hides in the tall grass, runs up the small hill to the neighbor’s yard, where she knows she is not supposed to go.  She chases honey bees and butterflies–good thing she hasn’t caught a honey bee yet!  This morning she was after a small bush with thorns on it!  We have an almost dead, gravel driveway.  She loves to fight with the little patches of weeds that grow up through the gravel.  She *loves* Uncle Big Dog.  She runs up to him, rolls over and lets him sniff her, then jumps up on him, over and over, follows him around, runs after him, jumps in his face, and generally is a nuisance.  He ignores her.  He has much patience.  Me, on the other hand, has to wrestle her to the ground, and rub her belly, which she LOVES.  And she will take spells where she runs manically through the house.  Kind of like she has been in the cat’s hidden stash of cat nip.  So do the cats.  Cuddles only runs through the house to chase the cats.

Cuddles is Little Dog’s momma.  She is a good dog, but right now she is sad, because she is not at home.  She is fawn colored with a black nose.  She has an under bite.  She thinks DD is her mother right now, and she gets hyper spastic when she leaves the room.  I don’t know why, my daughter is a witch right now, pure and simple.  If she were any more judgmental, I swear, she’d be Judge Judy!  No, let me fix that, she’s past Judge Judy, and makes her look like a pussy cat.  I’d like to find those genes…….   So, when Cuddles goes out on her walks, she hunts.  What for, I have no idea.  She sniffs the air, then puts her nose the ground and leads me around.  The path is pretty much the same, unless I make her go somewhere else.  And she will gaze longingly across the road, where the deer live.  I’m not sure if she wants to hunt deer, or just wants to go across the road.  The latter, probably.  We can’t let her off her leash, because we are too close to the road.  I hope we can find a good home for her soon.

DD and DS are getting ready to go out.  I will have to listen to Cuddles cry again for a good 15 minutes after DD leaves.  DD came in, Cuddles tried to welcome her and she told her to get the hell away from her, or something to that effect.  She is NOT in a good mood.  Poor Cuddles.

So, that’s the Cliff notes on Big Dog and Little Dog, and any dogs in between.  I’m pretty sure they will pop up in conversation again sometime.


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