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Bio: I am a 57 yo widow, mother of two, one of each. I was a Navy wife for 22 y., civilian wife for 5. I love my family, God, and all God made. My interests, from arts and crafts and landscaping, to campaigning against such horrors as Monsanto and their ilk. I am a cat lover and have two cats and two kittens, all yellow. We also have a large black and white dog, ppl tell me he is part husky. He was the neighborhood stray. I have fibromyalgia, plus other musculoskeletal problems, and bipolar, anxiety disorder, and depression, which are finally being managed with medication. I have an unusual sense of humor, but not at another person's expense. I talk to much, and am forgetful, yet I am very private. I value life, hate abuse of any kind, and see actions and a person's heart, not their race or religion. My children are unmarried, and I have no gchildren.

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  1. I’m back from my bloggy break. There was something you wanted to ask me and Mama about animal rescue? We’re not always getting reply notifications, so if you could comment on my blog or email from my “Contact Me” page on the left side of my blog, that would be pawesome! Thank yoooowoooowooooo, Ku

    • Hi, I couldn’t find your “Contact Me” so I will ask here. I know this will probably sound strange, but I’m sure your blog gets more widely seen than mine does, as I am just starting out. My friend has a rescue Pekingese. (However it is spelled). She is trying to find it a safe loving home. She lives in Southeastern KY. I was wondering if you would let her put pics of Cuddles on your page to see if anyone in KY would see if, and maybe be able to give her the home she needs. I noticed that you do rescue work. I would take her, but, although I have the love, I do not have the home. If you can’t, we understand. Mews and kitten treats, Luna and Mr. Wiggles (and Stubbs, too. I, however, don’t eat kitten treats. LOL : ) )

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