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Fake Family

Fear pierces my soul,  his eyes are so cold.  His smile is pasted on.

“Good morning, Dear, how is my favorite wife today?”  What’s that in his voice?  It’s not the warmth I usually hear, it’s calculating, cunning.  What’s wrong with him?  What is he doing?

“Honey”, I ask tentatively, “are you OK this morning”?  “Of course, my darling, what makes you think otherwise”?  I shiver.

Turning around, the smile quickly returns.  He is phony,  fake.  I see his reflection in the mirror, but he doesn’t know I’m watching.

Instead of my usual loving husband, there is a stranger.  A sharp cruelness appears on his face that I have never seen before.  It’s chilling.  He ponders, what is he thinking?  He’s not thinking about me, how much he says he loves me, or how I feel.  His talk, that’s all for show.

I turn around, seeming all smiles and happy.  His demeanor changes, he smiles, but it never reaches his eyes.  He turns around to me–he doesn’t know I saw. Reaching up, I hold him in my arms, pretending he is all I want.  “Oh, Honey, I’ve fixed your favorite breakfast…..”


Lies Are Deceptive

Eyes cold, glance away,

Smile fixed like a paper doll.

Don’t lie.  But you will.


The Full Moon

Everyone knows when it’s a full moon, things change.  I am a nurse, and I can tell you for a fact it is true.  If anything can go wrong, it will.  I only work day shift on full the moon, because when the sun goes down, well, I change too.

I am rather unassuming.  5′ 2″, eyes of……., gotcha, brown, pretty brown hair, and curvaceous.  But I’m mousy.  I speak softly, and I’m timid.   But I’m a powerhouse at getting the job done, it’s just that no one ever notices me.

When the sun goes down, everything changes.  I don’t know what happens.  I’ve looked in the mirror, and nothing seems to happen.  But when I go out, boy, do I turn heads.  Every time, I pick a different spot — posh places,  I put on my most raggedy clothes, grab my bus pass, and off I go.

I pick my poison, and hop on the bus.  Immediately, a space opens up on the bus around me, and I can hear the whispers begin.  Wondering who I am, and why I am riding the bus and not some expensive limousine.  At first it shocked me, but I’m used to it now.

At my destination, I’m immediately ushered to the best table in the house.  Who wouda thunk?  A lowly nurse like me?  And the chef personally comes to my table, promising me  the very best, if only I will but let him serve me his humble food.  I eat like a queen once a month, and like the pauper I am the rest of the month.

Then I go to work.  They never recognize me, and I never look the same way twice!  I can barely contain my glee. Once I was really naughty, I pretended I was from the company,  there for a surprise inspection!  They *really* took notice of me then.   But I never did that again.

I never told you how I found out about this miraculous change?  Oh, how forgetful of me.  One night, my boyfriend came in and he got the fright of his life!  For there, sitting in my comfortable spot on the couch, in my scroungy pj’s, eating my favorite food, was me — changed!  He stood there, mute, for about 3 minutes, then picked his chin off the floor, and stammered, “Wh-wh-what are you doing in my girlfriend’s house, and WHAT have you done with her?”  I thought he was playing a joke, and  giggled like a school girl with her first crush.    Well, when we got everything straightened out, it was dawn, and he saw me change with his own eyes.

So, he knows, but rarely goes out with me.  I told him I got tired of competing with a version of myself I will never be,  He told me that all those versions *are* me, I just don’t know it yet.  But as I practice, the outside will become the me I really am.




Monsters under beds,

Creeping, leering in the dark.

Night.  I am afraid