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Diving in the Shallow End

Shallow diving at the pool,

Swimming lessons,

I can’t swim.

If it burns, just angle your head.

Me, I angled my body instead.

Pain exploding in my head,

So sudden, no warning,

I touch the surface, I’m blind,  can’t breathe.

I see–the people, the concern

The raw fear–that’s my mom.

On the side, they grab me up.

She’s bleeding, look at the blood.

I can’t breathe, my ribs won’t move,

Can’t you tell?  I can’t breathe.

I’m dying!

Gradually, I breathe.

Precious air.  I didn’t know–before.

The pain, it’s enormity weighs me down

Like a mill stone around my neck.

But the pain means I’m alive.

The x-ray is clear, no broken skull.

The doctor jokes.

I find it vulgar.

What kind of doctor are you?

You do it.

I’m home–restless.

I pace, I’m anxious.

I have no control over my actions.

It’s a concussion, I didn’t know.

I’m lucky, I’m only slightly damaged.