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Cuddles May Have Found Her Furrrever Home

Remember Cuddles, the lovely dog that I had the pictures of up just a few posts ago?  Well, last week my neurologist called me out of the blue, asking about her.  Do you still have her, would she be good with small children?  I have a family who’s little girl’s dog died, and she needs a dog.  They are interested in Cuddles.  Well, knock me over with a feather, I’m gobsmacked, and thank you God.

I called the people right away, and talked to the woman.  We agreed that if Cuddles didn’t work out and they couldn’t find her an appropriate home, we would take her back.  So, we picked a meeting place, I woke up DD, and off we went.  Cuddles was delighted, she LOVES riding in the car, and I wept almost the whole way.  Turns out our 15 pound rescue was almost the same size as the little girl!  Oh, no, I thought.  That just won’t work.  But gramma, and grampa weren’t deterred, so off went the family and Cuddles.  Gramma had a Chihuahua who bit the little girl’s nose, so how bad can Cuddles be?  She’s a sweet heart, except for the cat thing.  And there are 4 teenagers to help care for her, I think she’ll be happy.  They obviously love their little girl, and seem like they will love Cuddles as well.  I have prayed that Cuddles will have a good home, and, so far, we haven’t heard from them, so that sounds promising.

The day after Cuddles went home with the little girl, a woman called.  My brother FINALLY talked to someone about Cuddles, and they told their mother about her.  She wanted her!  So, we have the name of her children, if Cuddles doesn’t work out with the other people.  So, one way or another, Cuddles has a furrever home.  Praise the Lord.  But we miss her.

Her little girl, Little Dog, is growing her little self into a little dog now.  She has lost that cute little baby puppy look, and now is looking like a cute growing puppy, all 6 pounds of her.  Even though she resembles her daddy quite a bit, her mommy’s under bite is becoming prominent, and those Cuddles’ eyes are so evident.  She is an evil ball of fur, LOLOL, and we love her a lot.  I never thought I would have a dog in the house, but there you go……..

We love you Cuddles.