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Medical Terminology Soap Opera–101 : )

I have not been here since September of last year!  I got a small job, and it just about killed me!  LOL

I am teaching an online medical terminology class through a local community college.  I stopped everything everything I was doing, took the book my brother had gotten for me, and began working on my class.  So far, so good, class doesn’t begin until 13 January, so I have time.  That’s good.  (My kippies are taking it upon themselves to help me write this, so-oo-o, if they write something and I don’t catch it, please forgive me!!!)  Halfway through that time little brother comes home, looks at my book as I’m working, pipes up, I got you the wrong book!  But that one will probably be good enough.  Not, as it turned out, even.  I used it as a reference.

In the mail came another book.  I hadn’t even looked at all the way through (hmmph, this one is not as good as the other one, but it will do, I guess), when–you guessed it–hey Sis, I sent you another book, it’s the third edition of the book we’re using, but it’ll work.  By this time, as you can imagine, it’s getting really close to class, I don’t have anything done, except most of my “housekeeping”, and I haven’t even learned anything about Blackboard, because I don’t have my log-in name and password.  So, I’m batting 1,000.  The week before classes begin, guess what?  The good Doctor sends me a used book for our class (I don’t mind the used book, but there’s a point)!  Now the problem with the used book is that there is a code that goes with it that one can use for a free one year subscription of Taber, the medical dictionary.  I didn’t have my Taber yet (didn’t get it until a little past the middle of the class), and I started the class behind.  After the class was over, my brother  walked in with a brand new textbook, all shrink wrapped and everything!  Now I have 5 absolutely useless textbooks lying around my house.  LOLOL

We have a new edition this semester.  I already have it!  No, I can’t believe it either…ROTFL  I have my Taber, so I’m ready to add those Taber assignments last semester’s students were supposed to get.  By the grace of God, I will have my classes ready to teach themselves by the time classes start in August.

I was lucky, I had a great class.  Even though I told them to come to me with problems, most of them were reticent.  A lot of professors out there (ah, yes, I remember them well–but I remember the others, too) won’t give a student the time of day, so I guess it’s hard to trust other professors easily.   So, that’s the soap opera of my books, in my med term class, brought to you by MY brother.  LOL



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