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Maybe I’ve Changed My Mind

I’ve been looking at pages to make into my blog.  I finally found one.  I said at the beginning that I didn’t care what ppl thought about my boring life.  I AM a Stubbly Troll after all.  🙂  But, I decided that if I have a blog, I ought to make better use of it, even if I probably will end up using it irregularly.   So, you will end up privy to my travails about my garden (oh, your poor people),  my daughter’s journey as she quits smoking–today is her second day, and she is doing a marvelous job, although withdrawal is killing her–my jewelry and my attempt to set up my jewelry business.  Other things, such as our two kittens, Luna and Mr. Wiggles, and Big Dog.  And other things in my life that may make you think I’m a nutter, or may just bore you to tears.  There will be days I’m happy, days when I will be weepy, and days when I will be in agonizing pain.  I have fibromyalgia, along with degenerative disc disorder, osteoarthritis, and a couple of other musculoskeletal problems which, together, have conspired to drastically change my life.  Not to mention the mental illness, which is being successfully treated with medication–finally.  And along the way, I will be learning how to use this blog set-up, so, if anybody reads this, and wants to give me some pointers, please do so.  I need beginners pointers first, then we can work up to the more advanced, LOL.

Wow, this is neat, I just looked down and found, well, I guess they are blogs that are suggested from words in MY blog.    Although, I’m not quite sure how Life as an AA Battery came out of what I wrote.   Good day and God bless

My first blog

I signed onto this site to be able to write some comments to an author I just found.  I finished a book of his, and I absolutely LOVED it.  I read what he wants in a woman in his blog, and it was quite moving, so I wanted to comment on that.  As he had asked for our opinions on what we think he left out, I wanted to reply.  Alas and alack, I could not reply without joining WordPress.com.  So, I did.  Much to my surprise, I found out I now have a blog.  I’ve never really been interested in a blog, but I figgered, what they hey, I might write in this one from time to time.  I am quite unreliable, and it will be quite boring, but I don’t really care.  It’s my blog to write about my boring home life, as long as I follow the rules.  So, here I am.  I do not share identifying information about my family if I can help it.  If I mention my family or friend’s names, they will be entirely different, and usually different each time, as I cannot remember from one time to the next what I have called someone.  For instance, my darling daughter may be Esmeralda one day, and George the next.  Or I may just refer to her as DD  (darling daughter, dear son, dear aunt, dear uncle, dear friend, etc.).  If I offer to do bodily harm, I am not serious, I am just blowing off steam, as I am NOT a violent person.  I do yell from time to time, as my children will attest.

Oh, what else was I fixin’ to say?  It will come to me, I reckon.  So, here I am, writing the first note in my blog, just as the instructions are instructing me to do.  It has a box down there for tags, I have no idea what that means, probably I won’t use it, unless someone tells me what it is, and it is useful.

A little bit about myself?  I am a twenty-two year Navy wife, widowed, unfortunately.  I have two grown Navy brats, who grew up in the Navy, have spent more time as Navy brats than as civilians.  And well,  I just won’t go there……..  I am originally from the south, but not the “deep” south.  I’m from Kentucky.  Kinda between Eastern KY, and South Central KY.  No man’s land, as it were.  A great place to be from…….  I went to college for regular education and special education, because that’s what my mother wanted, and didn’t use it, as it is very hard to teach when one is taking up stakes every three years.  I was lucky enough to get to stay at home and care for my family.  It was hard, financially, as military families do not get everything given to them on a golden platter, as everyone told me when we were fighting the cold war, I don’t know what people think now, but it was every bit worth it.

It was also hard to rear my family because I suffer from mental illness.  I feel no stigma attached to my illness, it is just like HTN or diabetes.  More people need to know that.  That way maybe more people could get the help they so desperately need.  I have bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression.  I didn’t know this when I was younger, this is just all come out in the last few years.   Just an aside about anxiety disorder, it needs to be renamed.  It sounds like such a benign disorder.  ANXIETY.  Oh, I am anxious, We are having a meeting at work, and I am worried sick about it.  After the meeting is over, the anxiety is over, and it goes away.  Anxiety disorder is not like that.  It is a debilitating monster that can cause some people to become prisoners in their own homes, scared of their own shadows.  It is a horrible disease, comes in varying degrees, just like any other disease, but just as crippling as all other major disorders.

I’m going to eat a potato now.  (BTW, when “I” was young, we learned to spell potato, potatoe)